Upsilon Psi Chapter Delegate attends 44th Biennial Convention

2017BiennialConferenceEvery two years, Sigma hosts a Biennial Convention where chapter delegates convene to cast votes on proposed bylaws amendments and resolutions. This past October, Christine Lussier, BSN, RN, had the pleasure of serving as our chapter delegate. We learned that Sigma rebranded by replacing “STTI” with “Sigma” and revealed a new logo in an effort to freshen up the look and language of the organization. Click here to read the entire report provided by Christine.

“Thank you for allowing me to represent our chapter at Convention. I now have a broader understanding of knowledge transformation and more fully realize the importance of lifelong learning for all nurses,” writes Christine. The chapter leaders, led by Dr. Marc Rosales, thank Christine for her dedication and time.

More information about the Upsilon Psi Chapter of the Honor Society of Nursing, Sigma Theta Tau International (Sigma or ΣΘΤ) , events and volunteer opportunities are available at


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